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Here, you can find parts as well as backbones that we submitted to the parts registry. With the new submitted BioBricks highly valued constructs are now added to the registry as several sRNAs.

We also improved the standard BioBrick vector, which has now compatible origins of replication and resistances. Next to that you can find our suggestion for a novel assembly standard.


We submitted eleven new biobricks to the parts registry. Each sub-project submitted parts so you can find e.g. the gRNA anti KAN from Detect, the SirA gene of M. Smegmatis of the Target team, the TDMH gene from Infiltrate and sRNA anti Cm from the Sabotage team.


We upgraded the standard biobrick shipping vector pSB1C3 with a new set of 4 ori’s and antibiotic resistance cassettes so that they can easily be co-expressed.The system of 4 backbones all have compatible origins and resistance cassettes that allows for up to 4 back bones to be expressed in a single host bacteria.

Assembly Standard

We offer a new assembly standard. It enables keeping the BioBrick standard while providing the needed tools to perform assembly of several parts in one step. BBG is a fusion of the BioBrick standard cloning and Gibson isothermal assembly.

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