Judging Criteria


We are very proud of the many achievements we have made in this summer. Here is a compilation of our feats!

1. We collaborated with and helped 5 other iGEM teams by sharing DNA materials, characterizing their parts and modeling! (For more details, Click Here)

2. We outlined in details a new approach of human pratice called "Model iGEM". It's a small-scale competition-free jamboree for several teams that frequently communicate with each other. (For more details, Click Here)

3. We submitted 56 high-quality and well-characterized Standard Biobricks! (For more details, Click Here)

4. We improved a previous Biobrick Part, which is the combination of salicylic acid inducible promoter pSal and its transcriptional regulator NahR (BBa_J61051). The improved version of the Biobrick is BBa_K1031610.

5. We invented a conceptually novel method to mine high-quality Biobricks using the genomic and proteomic database. (For more details, Click Here)

6. We successfully constructed a collection of biosensors to detect aromatic compounds; the detailed characterization showed that they could be combined to profile aromatics in the environment. (For more details, Click Here)

7. We constructed a set of conceptually novel genetic devices, Adaptors, for our biosensors to improve their performance. (For more details, Click Here)

8. A Band-pass Filter was constructed to achieve quick analysis of the environmental samples. (For more details, Click Here)

Therefore, we believe that we deserve a Gold Medal Prize.