We Want to Say Thank You!



PAN Xingjie was involved in the construction of Band-pass Filter. He greatly contributed to the biosensor mining program and also responsible for the wiki construction. Additionally, he was responsible for the presentation of the advanced equipment.

ZHENG Pu mainly focused on the design of the biosensors. He was involved in team interaction and academic communication. He was devoted to achieving the in-field detection using our biosensors.

SHI Hailing is the vice captain of the Peking iGEM team 2013. She also managed the team during the team leader’s absence. She constructed a biosensor adaptor, NahF, and conducted the experimental testing. She was also responsible for the presentation of Biosensors section.

HE Shuaixin is the lab manager of the Peking iGEM 2013 this summer. Apart from the laboratory management, she made great contribution to the biosensor construction, fine-tuning of biosensors and construction of biosensor adaptors, XylB and XylC.

LIU Shiyu made his efforts in constructing and fine-tuning two biosensors in E.coli, HcaR and PaaX. He is also involved in the construction of Band-pass Filter.

WANG Huan is the financial manager of the team. She was responsible for financial affairs and travel arrangements. She also contributed to the construction of two aromatic biosensors, HpbR and XylR.

CUI Can made her efforts in the construction of Band-pass Filter, and greatly contributed to human practice.

LIANG Jing was in charge of human practice and some travel arrangement. She also helped SHI Hailing to manage the laboratory.

Helena Viets, as the exchange student from UCSF iGEM team, focused on the construction of several biosensors and constructed a RBS library for the biosensors to tune their performance.

Peking iGEM 2013 team highly acknowledges the following institutes:
School of Life Sciences, Peking University
Office of Educational Administration, Peking University
Center for Quantitative Biology, Peking University
School of Physics, Peking University
College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University
School of Basic Medical Sciences, Peking University
Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

We especially thank Dr. Chunbo Lou for providing us with the plasmid of φR73δ and CI.

We highly appreciate the generous material assistance of Prof. de Lorenzo, Prof. Shingler and Prof. Van de Meer:
We thank Professor Victor de Lorenzo for giving us the TOL pWW0 plasmid in Pseudomonas putida mt-2 and pCON924 carrying XylR5.
We thank Professor Shingler for her plasmid containing DmpR.
We also thank Professor Van de Meer for giving us the HbpR coding sequence.

We thank the following professors from Peking University for supporting our project with equipment, chemicals and computer programs:
Prof. Qi Ouyang
Prof. Luhua Lai
Prof. Zhen Yang
Prof. Junfeng Hu
Prof. Chongren Xu
Prof. Xinqiang He
Prof. Shuguang Xie
Prof. Chunxiong Luo
Prof. Ge Gao
Dr. Zailing Bai

We also thank the Bureau of Environment Protection in Beijing for helping us with human practice.

We especially thank our best friends who contributed to this project enormously.

XUE Haoran was responsible for the induction and the characterization of biosensors, adaptors and Band-pass Filter. He also handled daily affairs of the team.

ZHANG Yihao is the art designer. He applied his talents to our logo, wiki, poster, PowerPoint template, booklets and team shirts. He also constructed an aromatic biosensor.

HOU Yuhang was in charge of the modeling. He constructed the Band-pass Filter and conducted simulation for it. He also constructed a biosensor, DmpR and did part of test for this biosensor.

YU Zhou has given us a lot of advises about our project.