Team:SCU China/Attributions





Brainstorm was performed among all members of Sichuan University (SCU) iGEM team. We collected different ideas and all of them were discussed with our advisor, who giving suggestions to us. Then we voted and chose some of them. 


Wetlab work
 All wetlab work, including project designing, gene cloning, recombining, etc, was finished by students of SCU iGEM2013 team.  


Modeling work 
Modeling work was done mainly by Mengying Li, Tianqiao Hu and  Zhongkun Zhan. 


Wiki building 
Wiki of SCU 2013 was built mainly by Bing Zhang. Kind help was given by Mengying Li and  Tianqiao Hu. 


Subjects on safety were discussed among the SCU iGEM team. Safety form was finished by Mengping Jiang.  


Poster & Presentation  
Poster and PPT were made mainly by Li Rong, Nan Wang and Yuan Deng. Presentation was done by Hanlin Guo, Mengping Jiang, Mengying Li, Shachuan Feng and Tong Xu.


Fluorescence Instruments Operation
Fluorescence microscope and Thermo varioskan flash were operated by Han Kang in the Center of Growth, Metabolism and Aging (CGMA), Sichuan University.