The end

Or is it?

These final words are being written on Monday the 28th of October - a mere 9 hours before the World Championship wikifreeze. Allow all of us to thank you for taking the time to check out our project. We hope you enjoyed the tour!
Did you get all the information you wanted? If not, go back and dig deeper.

But what now? If you want to know more about synthetic biology and the iGEM competition, check out iGEM’s homepage and the wikis of hundreds of other brilliant iGEM teams. Our own immediate futures will bring an array of exciting experiments that will ensure the accuracy and depth of our data, and add to quality of our presentation in Boston.

We look forward to presenting our work in Boston!
- Sofie, Patrick, Thøger, Sissel, Heidi, Mattias, Maria, Nicky, and Andreas

You can always contact us on our team’s e-mail or at any of the team member’s e-mails.