5/5 Bronze Requirements

Team registration

The team applied for participation the 26th of march and on the 12th of april we received the following message from the iGEM Headquarters: “Welcome to iGEM 2013 ! Your iGEM 2013 team application was accepted by iGEM Headquarters on 2013-04-12 13:07:54 and your team registration fee has been received.”

Complete Judging form

Our Judging form was completed the 4th of October

Make a Team Wiki

As you can hopefully see and feel, we have made an user friendly and intuitive wiki.

Present a poster and a talk at the iGEM Jamboree

As of today (4th of october 2013) we are looking forward to and planning a visit to the European Regional Jamboree at Lyon to present our project for the other teams.

Document a new standard BioBrick/Device used in your project

Our favorie Device this year is our BBa_K1088016

3/3 Silver Requirements

Experimentally validate a BioBrick/Device of your own design and construction to work as expected

We have validated several of our BioBricks and Devices through experiments, see Submitted Parts for more info

Document the characterization of this part

All our characterization documentation has been uploaded to Parts Registry and much is available at our Characterization Results page

Submit this new part to the iGEM Parts Registry

We have submitted several new parts to the Parts Registry, see Submitted Parts for more info

Describe one or more ways in which the environment, security, safety and ethics and/or ownership and sharing have been taken into consideration in the design and execution of your project

Throughout this wiki, we hope to have made it clear what impact this project could have on the environment, the safety and the ethics of this project, and how we have taken this into consideration.

1/1 Gold Requirements

Improve the function of an existing BioBrick/Device

We have improved the function of the LVA tagged LacI BioBrick BBa_C0012, by removing the LVA tag and submitted this part to the registry BBa_K1088018.

Help another registered iGEM team in modeling or simulating their system

We have helped the Edinburgh iGEM team with the modelling of their system