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? How to regulate an entire metabolic pathway in vivo, delicately, accurately and conveniently, simultaneously controlling the expression of several genes?
? And how to optimize metabolic fluxes so as to maximize desired products?

For decades, these questions have haunted “bioengineers”(especially synthetic biologists), who would like to have certain metabolites produced in living cells.
The difficulty is again raised up when target genes endogenously reside on the genome, or have been implemented into the genome.

So this year, our team, SJTU-BioX-Shanghai, is dedicated to solve the problem. We offer our product, the METABOLIC GEAR BOX, as a versatile BLACK BOX that can be conveniently applied in the optimization of whatever pathways. See Tutorial/General Protocol (How to Use the Box)

Inside the BOX, we integrate Luminous System, Light Sensors and CRISPRi. Luminous system and light sensors are used to address the problem of multiple gene regulation, while CRISPRi addresses the problem of genomic regulation. See Problems and Our Solutions