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Light Sensor Characteristic


Light sensor are light sensitive proteins, which are able to perform specific actions based on light induction. They typically make use of photopigments , which are structurally changed or reduced as reaction to excitation by photons. Some light sensor can be activated and deactivated by light; others follow an exponential decay to a ground state after excitation. The rate constants for this reactions can be computed from the number of induction events. the number of photons causing such an event.

We have chosed three light sensors: red (Cph8), green (Ccas), bule (YF1). In oder to design and make out a device to transform the computer signal to light signal which can make our light sensor work we must choose the right light source.

Reaction Rate Constants

For the convenience of determining the light sensor reaction rate constants, We make the hypothesis that all of light sensing process are the first order reaction. Reaction rate constants [s-1] for our ODE model can be computed as integral over all events at all wavelengths, the integral of the product of the photoconversion cross section σλ times the photon flux Nλ; In our case approximated numerically. Rateconstant.png

Optical Property Of Light Sensor

Light blog.JPG

Measuring Result

We measure more than a dozen defferent LED light source with DIY measuring device to get the relationship between light intensity and wavelength. By comparing the measuring data, we choose the best light source for our device.

measuring process

Relationgship between wavecrest and light intensity