He Jiankui(jiankuihe):Gene sequencing

Huang Wei(linghu_y2k):Mathematical modeling

Zhao Yinglan:Experiment guide


Chen Dan(Donna):Datum Collector

Cui Jian(Yohane):Biology Database

Dai Yan(DY):Datum Collector

He Yan(HY):Datum Collector

Liu Jingyi(lisa.deep):Datum Collector

Shu Yingzhe(SYZ):Datum Collector

Wang Jingnong(WangJingnong):Datum Collector

Wang Zi(prince):Datum Collector

Peng Zhuoteng:Datum Collector


Jingyi Liu

My name is Liu Jingyi and I'm a Chinese girl with a height of 174 cm and long curly hair.I love shopping like many girls and sports,especially cycling.I love biology very much,for it's amazing to know about ourselves and doing experiments to find out something new is really attractive.I hope we can achieve our idea on prisoner's dilemma.

Jingnong Wang

My name is Wang Jingnong and I am a sophomore at SUSTC. Fascinated by the vitality and mystery of plants and animals, I fell in love with biology when I was at a young age. I was introduced to synthetic biology by IGEM, which gives me a precious chance to do research in relevant area.So far, I have been learning a lot about synthetic biology, biological process lab work and teamwork skills with my friends. It was quite a big challenge to comprehend so much material in such a short time, but I am having a wonderful time since I am able to get in depth with something I truly enjoy!

Jian Cui

My name is Cui Jian .I'm now the team leader of this iGEM team .I am 19 years old ,and was born in Jiangsu Province ,China .Generally speaking ,I am hardworking when doing the things that I am interested in .But what puzzles me most is my poor English .It's a great honor for me to have the chance join this year's iGEM Jamboree.

Zi Wang

I am from the Igem 2013 SUSTC-Shenzhen-A team and you can call me WangZi. I am fond of designs of various synthetic biology accompyed by many interesting experiments. As for my characters,I am active but a little shy,which I desire to overcome through this competiton. I am glad that I have this chance to know more friends and attend the jamboree with you guys from all over the world

Ningyuan Yang

Hey friends! Who you are staring at is a happy guy from SUSTC, he likes almost everything comes into his life and wants to have a well comprehension of them. So he joins the Igem to try to have some fresh things as well as make some difference. Who knows what he will meet there. Maybe at last someone would remember there was once a guy named Ningyuan Yang.

Dan Chen

Hi ! I’m Dan Chen . You can call me Donna too . I’m outgoing and easygoing , and I love making new friends . Biology will be my major course in the next two years . I think biology is very interesting . We could explore nature 、ourselves and almost everything . And I think what igemers have done is amazing . I feel so lucky that I could join in our project.

Yan Dai

My name is Yan DAI. I am interested in molecular biology and organic chemistry. I got lots of experience and knowledge in iGEM, which were hard to get in class. The process is tough but meaningful. We met some difficulties in the lab, but dealing with them is quite fun. And I really enjoy the time with my teammates.

Yan He

Hi everyone! I am Yan He who always smile. I am interested in Synthetic biology and it is my great honor to take part in this competition, this summer in the lab was so unforgettable. In my spare time, I enjoy watching movie and listen to the music, and I also like reading some books about psychology.

Yingzhe Shu

My name is Yingzhe Shu, and you can also call me Vincent Shu. I’m a sophomore from the South University of Science and Technology of China. And I feel so excited that I can take part in iGEM this summer.
I’m a sports’ fan. So in my spare time, I like to go outsides and do all kinds of sports. But soccer is my favourite. I’m also the top player in our school soccer team. I also enjoy the time when I listen to the music, especially the American and European pop music.
I learned so much during this summer with iGEM. And I hope you all enjoy it too!

Zhuoteng Peng

Try to make everything elegant and simple.