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Our team helped BIT-China by characterizing the part, BIT submitted the standard part to the registry.

characterizing a part

We have helped the team BIT-China to verify the function of the RNA thermometer in BBa_K1117009. RFP is linked to this part and we observed its expression by fluorescent microscope. The result shows that SD sequence region is occluded at 30 °C, partial melting occurs at 37 °C, whereas an increase to 42 °C facilitates the mRNA–ribosome interaction owing to full liberation of the SD and AUG start codon. Our result could be seen in following pictures:

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Here is the structure of ROSE RNA thermometer.

The 1st Model IGEM

Figure 1. The 1st Model IGEM

We played an active role in the first Model iGEM competition in Beijing, which other 5 teams also took part in--Peking, Fudan, NJU_China, and OUC_China. The competition schedule is consistent with that of Asia Jamboree, which offered us an opportunity to practice presenting our project. Through this competition we received suggestions on how to improve and present our projects, and we firmly believe that we will do better in the Asia Jamboree. We also built strong relationships with other teams.

Tsinghua University

Figure 2. Communicate with Tsinghua University

In early September, our team members came to Beijing, contacting with Tsinghua University in depth. We first visited their laboratory, and observed some experimental operations. During this communication, we exchanged views of some practical problems in the experimental. Both of us had been greatly improved from each other . Later, we held a "sense and sensor" seminar. The successful exchange activities enhance our thoughts deeply.

Ocean University of China

Figure 3. Communicate with OUC-China

Ocean University of China and Tianjin University established a profound friendship last year. This year, IGEM team of OUC-China came twice to Tianjin University. In early May, the beginning of experiment preparation, igem-OUC with our team members exchange views on topic identification, team construction and previous experience. On August, when the two teams' experiment in full development, we conducted a second exchange. this communication is mainly for the specific molecular biology experiments. "We are very grateful to Tianjin University for warm hospitality and detailed explanations" the captain of IGEM-OUC says.

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