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Helping other iGEM teams

Team UT-Tokyo

We gave a plasmid: BBa_K934025 to team UT-Tokyo team on July 31th. HQ couldn't send the plasmid due to out of stock. So team UT-Tokyo asked us for the plasmid. The plasmid is our past part of iGEM 2012.

Team UT-Tokyo and team Tokyo Tech discussed about a policy of modeling. We confirmed each other how to use the software, MATLAB. We also taught each other how to determine parameters.

Team Kyoto

We gave a plasmid: BBa_K193001 to team Kyoto team on August 26th. Team Kyoto team tried to transform the plasmid from iGEM DNA Distribution Kit, but they couldn't make usable plasmid. So team Kyoto asked us for the usable plasmid. The plasmid is our past part of iGEM 2009.

iGEM Japan

Japanese iGEM teams took part in a school festival held in the University of Tokyo on May 19th. Several iGEM teams shared their ideas. At the same time, we introduced synthetic biology to the general public together.

Japanese iGEM teams held friendly meeting in Tokyo Metropolitan University for sharing ideas and opinions On August 25th. In this meeting, each team introduced their project to other teams. Afterwards further discussion of the projects took place between members of different teams.