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Darwin Toolbox A user-friendly synthetic biology laboratory Increasing access to education and responsible citizen science Win a Darwin doll!

This year the iGEM-E team from UCL is bringing you Darwin Toolbox.

We are building a safe, user-friendly, affordable biotechnology laboratory in a beautiful 13 x 11 inch box, containing a centrifuge, a PCR machine and a gel electrophoresis unit inclusive with transilluminator.

Our aim is to increase the reach of synthetic biology by providing the tools and infrastructure that will make biotechnology more accessible in educational settings and in citizen science. Darwin Toolbox connects effortlessly to a laptop or tablet computer to help keep track of experiment records and enabling them to be easily shared online with friends and collaborators.

Find out more about our vision of the future for synthetic biology and personal biotechnology tools: Join us for our presentation and more importantly, share your thoughts with us during the poster session.

What would you do with Darwin Toolbox?