Team:UCL PG/Parts





Leader of the team. Fund raiser. Design circuits, constructs and instructed most experiments. Conducted pCSTA kinetic assay. Wiki wizard. Modeller.
Heavily involved in cloning. Maintain e-labbook. Characterized mKeima, eGFP and RFP. Outreach.
Serial cloning machine. Produced pCSTA series constructs. Powerpoint maker.
Ambassador. Got team T shirt from Malene. Spectroscopist.
Cloning in lab. Run errands on parallel. Literature miner.
Helped out in lab works. Idea contributor.

Special Thanks

Darren Nesbeth - for tremendous support, guidance and everything!
Eli Keshavarz-Moore - for listening to our presentation
Martin Pule - for the lab space ;D
Arnold Pizzey - for teaching us machinery
Malene Oddershede Bach - for viewtiful team T-shirt
Manuel Wolf - for bringing art into our project


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