Team:UCL PG/Team



Meet the team!

Kong Khai Jien

PhD student in Application of Synthetic Biology to T Cell Engineering at UCL Cancer Institute. Previously did BSc Biotechnology.

Why iGEM:
I enjoy the fun of programming genetics and the associated vibrant community. My brain is constantly stimulated by thinking about the possibilities of what we can play with. Carrying out an idea as a team, interacting with other teams, thinking about the different techniques and discovering new knowledge, it is so great to be part of it!

Cassandra Stowe

I have an undergraduate degree in Human Biology from the University of Birmingham and a masters in Cancer from UCL. I have just started my PhD at the UCL Cancer Institute, in conjunction with the UCL Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging, creating optical genetic reporters.

Why iGEM:
I wanted to do iGEM because I thought it would be a great experience that would enable me to apply my science background to a new challenge.

Ranvir Chaudhri

Student at UCL studying a masters in Biochemical Engineering. Previously did an undergraduate degree in Honours Biochemistry.

Why iGEM:
Because synthetic biology is awesome. The beauty and sheer multitude of nature is so amazing my mind is constantly being blown. So many materials and systems exist in biology and the human race is just beginning to mimic them. I'm doing my part to make it happen.

Thomas Stahl

I am a second year PhD student at UCLs Department of Medical Physics and Bioengineering, developing Contrast Agents for the use in Medical Imaging, especially Photoacoustic Imaging. Before this I did MRes at UCL, producing a setup for Photoacoustic spectroscopic measurements.

Why iGEM:
I believe public engagement is a great challenge for cutting edge research. iGEM has drawn wide public attention towards Biological Engineering and its impact and promotes public discussions, which is a great achievement. Working together with a great team, I urged to take the opportunity to contribute to and be part of iGEM 2013.

Hugh Jarman

Student at UCL studying a masters in Biochemical Engineering. Previously did an undergraduate degree in Biotechnology and Management at Imperial College London.

Why iGEM:
I've always wanted to do iGEM. I missed out on it during my undergraduate degree and when I saw that the postgraduate team is being introduced I thought it was an excellent opportunity. I was drawn to iGEM in the first place due to the chance to apply my knowledge and skills learnt at university to do some cool science.

Shahin Heshmatifar

Student at UCL studying a MSc in Biochemical Engineering. Previously studied an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences at University of Westminster.

Why iGEM:
I had followed iGEM distantly during my undergraduate degree. I found its concept and deliverable very interesting. After starting my post graduate degree at UCL, I found that there will be a post grad iGEM competition this year. I therefore decided to grab this opportunity by participating in the project to apply and enhance my knowledge in molecular and synthetic biology.

Meet our supervisors!

Amit Jathoul

iGEM supervisor. Postdoc in molecular genetic imaging in Martin Pule's lab at UCL Cancer Institute and centre for advanced biomedical imaging.
Darren Nesbeth

iGEM supervisor. Lecturer in Synthetic and Molecular Biology. Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Masters Degree Tutor.
Brian Philip

iGEM supervisor. Postdoc in Lymphoma Immunotherapy in Martin Pule's lab at UCL Cancer Institute.