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Human Practices

The main goal of our Human Practice section is to introduce Synthetic Biology into our Country. In order to reach that goal we thought about the best targets to generate a real impact on Chilean society.
The cities are the environment where modern life unfolds; in these are plenty groups and kind of people, but normally we can identify some important players on this context:
The first ones are the people who make the city grow, the entrepreneurs, they are people who believe in new projects, have resources, and are willing to invest on them.
The second are the people who are creating and developing these new ideas, technologies and products: normally they are college students working on innovative projects with great ideas. On the other hand, we find the people who will be the future along with the people who are guiding them this way: they are the school kids and his teachers.
As you can see in our Human Practice menu we represented all of them with some different activities. Click on them to get more information !
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