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This notebook gives a brief overview of the activities of the UGent iGEM team. For more detailed information regarding labwork or human outreach, take a look at:

Human Outreach

October - June

  • October 24: First meeting
    • getting to know each other
    • start brainstorming
  • November 19: the start of our search for sponsors
  • December 18: first ideas for our subject
  • February 7: we have a Facebook page!
  • February 14: our Twitter account is active
  • February 19: we have a subject: "A new model for chromosomal evolution: Eliminating antibiotic resistance" it is! Now we can start writing our literature study
  • March 2: information stand @ Open House Day at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering Ghent (Human Outreach)

  • April 15: making of the protocols
  • April 27: photo shoot
    • first group picture

  • June 3: our literature study is finished!

  • June 25: presentation of our project for a jury


  • July 4-7: flyer and survey @ Rock Werchter (Human Outreach)

  • July 23, 24 and 25: introduction in the lab
    • learning some basic principles
    • general preparation
  • July 24: Our colleagues from Leuven are joining us to exchange some ideas!

  • July 26 and 28 flyer and survey @ 'Gentse Feesten' (Human Outreach)


  • August 1:
    • introduction Clone Manager
    • learning about the safety in the lab
  • August 5:
  • August 8: we went shopping for team shirts

  • August 13:
    • evacuation of the lab

    • we are registered for the Regional Jamboree in Lyon!
  • August 15-17: flyer and survey @ Pukkelpop (Human Outreach)
  • August 20:
    • our poster is up at the Ghent Biobased Economy Summer School at our faculty

    • we went to the debate “Biobased economy: dream or reality?” and handed out some surveys

  • August 22: we went to a lecture on moral disgust by Prof. dr. Johan Braeckman
  • August 29: group picture

  • Labwork


  • September 3-12: Do you wonder how we are able to survive these long iGEM days? The answer is simple: food, food, food!

  • September 11: we went out for a drink with Prof. dr. Filip Buekens to talk about ethics
  • September 19: we visited Leuven and went to the debate about synthetic biology organized by the team from Leuven
  • September 26: our team shirts are ordered!


  • October 2: last day in the lab!
  • October 3: 5.30 am, almost Wiki freeze...

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