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The undergrads

UGent 2013 Eline.jpg Eline De Schutter: Eline is a coffee and food addict. When she is not eating, she tries to be sporty. Eat it, just eat it!
UGent 2013 Renate.jpg Renate De Smedt: Renate enjoys life and makes one big party out of it. She likes music festivals and plays lots of music instruments herself. Now the party don’t start ‘til she walks in!
UGent 2013 Eva.JPG Eva D'haene: Eva is the most adventorous one of our team. There ain’t no mountain high enough for her!
UGent 2013 Tine.jpg Tine Goovaerts: Tine has many interests: she likes travelling, dancing, … And she makes the most delicious brownies in the world. There’s no limit to her love for life!
UGent 2013 Jules.jpg Jules Haezebrouck: Jules is the badass of the group. Whenever he has a chance, he takes a ride on his motorcycle. He’s born to be wild!
UGent 2013 Tim.jpg Tim Hebbrecht: Tim likes travelling and likes walking his dog. Who let the dog out?!
UGent 2013 Marlies.JPG Marlies Verschuuren: Marlies is Belgian’s hope for its handball future and she can make anyone laugh. She must be some kind of superstar!

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