06/02/2013 First official iGEM meeting! We talked about: teamwork organization, appointments, wiki, and so on... The supervisors told us the main rules of the laboratory and the steps in which the work is subdivided: brainstorming, literature research, wet and in silico laboratory work and then design and marketing issues.
21/02/2013 We started the brainstorming phase of the project! We attached to a “huge” green cardboard some post-it on which we wrote our ideas, and then we started skimming them. We subdivided the ideas into four main groups: technique, characterization, circuitry and cell-free.
28/02/2013 A very short meeting, we simply continued skimming the brainstormed ideas. At the end of it we were down to ten projects.
21/03/2013 Brainstorming meeting again, we discussed into detail the most promising projects. Only four projects are left (but we might get something back from the trash bin).
12/04/2013 During this brainstorming meeting we quashed one of the four survivor projects, only three now...
29/04/2013 We decided which of the three projects we will work on: we are going to engineer E. coli (and maybe B. subtilis) to control fruit ripening!!! We then gave assignments to each other to carry out what is required to start the project: literature research, unripe fruit provision, chassis information,...
16/05/2013 We started talking about the wiki structure!
03/07/2013 A special day with Martin Hanczyk|
During one of the first meetings, Gabriele was inspired and sketched a cartoon for some of the ideas! As you can see B. fruity reminded him of Snowhite and the poisoned apple!