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The number of bananas indicates:

  • : This is an intermediate part and it has not been characterized.
  • : the part does not work, due to a mistake of some kind, or we do not know if it works and more tests must be performed.
  • : the part was characterized but doesn't work always as expected.
  • : the part works as expected and has been characterized.

♫ ♪ “One banana, two bananas, three bananas, four. Four bananas make a bunch and so do many more.” ♪ ♫

[cit. The Banana Splits – The Tra La La Song]

BBa_K1065000 EFE
Ethylene Forming Enzyme gene (EFE) that forms ethylene starting from 2-oxoglutarate.
BBa_K1065002 EFE with double-terminator
EFE followed by the double terminator BBa_B0015.
BBa_K1065001 EFE arabinose-regulated
This is EFE followed by a double terminator (B0015) under the control of the araCpBAD inducible promoter.
Methyl salicylate
BBa_K1065100 BSMT1
This part encodes BSMT1, an enzyme that methylates salycilic acid to obtain methyl salycilate. It is the original part from the 'Eau de coli' MIT iGEM 2006 project, re-submitted (and resurrected) by us in pSB1C3.
BBa_K1065103 PchBA
PchA is the enzyme responsible for the formation of isochorismate from chorismate. The next step is performed by the PchB enzyme, which converts isochorismate in salicylic acid. This is another part from the 'Eau de coli' MIT iGEM 2006 project that we re-submitted (and resurrected) in pSB1C3.
BBa_K1065104 SAM synthetase
This part encodes the SAM (S-AdoMet) synthetase gene, which we friendly call "uncle SAM". SAM is a methyl donor required to produce MeSA and other methylated molecules.
BBa_K1065101 BSMT1 arabinose-regulated
A methyltransferase (BSMT1) regulated by the araCpBAD promoter.
BBa_K1065105 SAM synthetase under pLac promoter
This is SAM synthetase (uncle SAM) regulated by the constitutive Lac promoter.
BBa_K1065102 PchBA under pLac and BSMT1 arabinose-regulated
The wintergreen device: PchBA under a Lac promoter followed by BSMT1 under the araCpBAD promoter.
BBa_K1065106 BSMT1, PchBA and SAM synthetase
An improved version of the wintergreen device: BBa_K1065102 with SAM synthetase to boost production.
Blue light
BBa_K1065302 Blue light circuit to produce amilGFP
A device to characterize our improved part BBa_K1065305 controlled by pLac promoter.
BBa_K1065305 BBa_K952003 improved
No rbs, no party!!!!We improved BBa_K952003 by mutagenesis to add the missing RBS, now the part works.
BBa_K1065309 Blue light ethylene producing device
Complete blue-light sensing circuit without inverter, producing both amilGFP and EFE.
BBa_K1065310 Complete blue-light sensing circuit with an inverter
Yf1 and FixJ are regulated by the Anderson promoter (BBa_J23100). pLambda regulates the expression of the reporter gene amilCP. When exposed to blue-light, amilCP is synthesized, when the blue-light is not present, amilCP is not produced.
BBa_K1065311 Complete blue-light sensing device with inverter, amilCP and EFE
Our complete circuit composed by:J23100, Yf1 and FixJ, pFixK2, CI, pLambda, amilCP and EFE.
BBa_K1065306 J23100+Yf1+FixJ
Yf1 (photosensor) and FixJ (response regulator) under the Anderson promoter (BBa_J23100).
BBa_K1065307 J23100+Yf1+FixJ (with terminators)
The same as BBa_K1065306, just with the terminators at the end. This part was not submitted to the registry. If you are interested please contact us.
BBa_K1065308 BBa_K1065307 with inverter
This is an intermediate part to build a blue light inducible genetic circuit with the inverter. This part is in pSB1A2 and it was not submitted to the registry. If you are interested in this part please contact us.
BBa_K1065303 Yf1+FixJ+pFixK2
The starting point to build a blue-light sensing circuit: the photosensor (Yf1) and the response regulator (FixJ) with its promoter (pFixK2). This part was build merging BBa_K592016 and BBa_K592006.
BBa_K1065300 Blue light circuit to produce amilGFP
It does not work beacuse it lacks the RBS before the amilGFP gene.
Bacillus subtilis
BBa_K1065201 pXyl+GFP
A B. subtilis xylose inducible plasmid (from LMU Munich iGEM 2012) to produce GFPmut3b, regulated by a strong ribosome binding site (Bba_e0840).
BBa_K1065203 Efe+Bba_B0015 in pSpac.
EFE in pSpac vector, specific for B. subtilis.
BBa_K1065204 pXyl+EFE
EFE in pXyl vector, specific for B. subtilis.