Team:UTK-Knoxville/6 June 2013


Team:UK-Knoxville -


June 6th 2013

Ivan, Brandon, Eric, and Patrick met to discuss the RcoM, HemAT, and cytoplasmic primers and the wiki page.

Ligation Aer/EnvZ + OmpR + BB

3:1 - 1 uL BB, 1 uL Ligase, 1 uL Buffer, 1.75 uL OmpR, 1.75 uL Aer/EnvZ, 3.5 uL sterile DI water.

5:1 - 1 uL BB, 1 uL Ligase, 1 uL Buffer, 3 uL OmpR, 3 uL Aer/EnvZ, 1 uL sterile DI water.

Room Temperature for 2 hours.

We received the strains with OmpR and EnvZ individually knocked out. Brandon grew these up in liquid media and put the plates in the 4 C room. We are still waiting to grow up ΔOmpR + ΔEnvZ strains.

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