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Acknowledgement & Attribution


Participating in iGEM is a comprehensive work, which can not be done without the indispensible help from our friends and guiders. Hereby we want to sincerely thanks:
  •       Kenji Adzuma, for his patient guiding of the enzymatic modeling.

  •       Yancheng Liu, for his marvelous programming and helps in processing data.

  •       Prof. David Liu and Vikram Pattanayak, for their generous providing of data for our Cas9 model.

  •       Kuanwei Sheng, Jiawei Hang, Wenxiong Zhou, Boxiang Wang, for their devotion in passing their experience and ideas about iGEM to us.

  •       Prof.Fenyong Liu and Xiangdong Chen, for their providing of special experiment facilities and resouce.

  •       Yao Yang, for his helpful assistance in revising the model. Zhongqiao Lin and Qiaolin He, for their timely help in art designing parts.

  •       Tengfei Ma, Shimeng Liu, Yun Huang, Liangliang Ji, Wenjia Gu, for their contributions to the brainstorm.

  •       We sincerely thank Gen Xiao for his kindness of offering his dorm as our work space.

  •       Prof. Zhixiong Xie, Prof. Xiangdong Gao, Prof.Yu Chen and College of Life Science, WHU, for their continuous support.

You will not be forgotten.


Based on the published researches about CRISPR system and tandem promoters, we are trying to explore multi-stage regulation through the combination of them.

We got the plasmid containing dCas9 gene from Doudna Lab freely of Addgene.

We successfully express the dead Cas9(dCas9) BBa_k1081000 in standard backbone pSB1C3 and pSB1A2 in E.coli strain k12 and fused the dCas9 with omega subunit of RNA polymease.

Then we donated functional dCas9 Bio-Brick (BBa_k1081000) to BGI (Beijing genomics institution) 2013 iGEM team.

We constructed seven tandem double promoters BBa_k1081002, BBa_k1081003, BBa_k1081004, BBa_k1081005, BBa_k1081006, BBa_k1081007 and BBa_k1081008.

We constructed 7 guide RNA coding sequences and got them sequencced right.

We proved the feasibility of multiple modulation.