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Modeling introduction

The primary aim of our model is to enable people to design their own multi-stage promoter. It consist of 3 part. The first part is the overall user guideline of Multi-stage promoter design. The other two parts are two models that tackle with specific question.

If you want to design your own multi-stage promoter, start from here.

If you want to know more about tandem promoter and design your own tandem promoter, please check our TP model. The TP model aims at predicting the expression level of a tandem-repeat promoter system. With the help of this model, one can employ limited expression element to reach a desired expression level in any species, especially in non-model organisms that have few known expression element.

If you want to know more about Cas9 off-target behavior and choose your Cas9 target sequence wisely, please check our Cas9Off model. It takes a nucleic acid thermodynamics approach and analyzing all off-target studies published. Hope that it will be useful for your research!