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Presenting Eugenie to Wellesley community.

We would like to thank The National Science Foundation, Agilent Technologies, Wellesley College, and The Howard Hughes Medical Institute for generously making our research this summer possible. We would also like to thank Cathy Summa for all her support, Natalie Kuldell for her teachings and advice, as well as, Rebekah for her time and advisement.

Attributions and Contributions


The application was designed by Tiffany Chen, Casey Grote, Catherine Guo, Evan Segreto, and Sravanti Tekumalla with input from Consuelo Valdes, Diana Eastman, and our advisor; Orit Shaer. Members of the BU iGem team and their advisor, Traci Haddock, provided input and advice during the design process. Ernst Oberortner provided an introduction to Eugene and advice.


zTree was designed by Cassie Hoef and Daniel Worstell and was inspired by a photo representation of tree structured data from the Palo Alto Research Center. They were advised by Orit Shaer, Consuelo Valdes, and Robert Kincaid. Daniel imported the data sheets from the Registry of Standard Biological Parts and Cassie designed much of the front end functionality, as well as the file IO. They were assisted by Yoav Segev, an intern.

Bac to the Future

Bac to the Future was primarily inspired by an experiment conducted by the Church Lab at Harvard Medical School, which used bacteria DNA to store encoded book citations. In addition, we drew inspiration from our participatory design session with the BU iGEM team, Robert Kincaid, and our lab experience with Professor Natalie Kuldell from MIT. The application was designed by Joanna Bi and Heather Petrow with input from Diana Eastman, Consuelo Valdes, and our advisor; Orit Shaer, and was implemented by Joanna Bi and Heather Petrow, with the help of Diana Eastman. Additionally, we were aided by interns: Neoreet Braha and Artemis Metaxas.

The iGEM Team Wiki

The iGEM Team Wiki was designed by Casey Grote and implemented by Diana Eastman and the team.