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Wellesley HCI iGEM Team: Welcome

Joanna Bi, Wellesley College '15

Joanna is a rising junior at Wellesley College majoring in computer science and minoring in economics. She enjoys programming and problem solving, and loves collaborating with other people to expand her imagination. Outside the lab, she loves swimming, literature, and film, especially The Lord of the Rings!

Joanna's Notebook

Evan Segreto, Wellesley College '15

Evan is a rising junior Computer Science and Philosophy double-major at Wellesley College. This is their first year at the lab, and they're especially excited about the integration of visual art, social science, and computer science. When not coding or philosophizing, Evan can usually be found making art or playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Evan's Notebook

Heather Petrow, Wellesley College '14

Heather is a rising senior studying MAS and Computer Science. This is her first year in the lab, and she is excited to learn more about HCI and participate in inter-disciplinary collaboration. Previously an art student, she serendipitously discovered Computer Science, and is interested in the conceptual applications of next-generation technology. Heather likes to spend her free time reading and taking herself to movie matinees.

Heather's Notebook

Sravanti Tekumalla, Wellesley College '16

Sravanti is a rising sophomore planning to major in Computer Science and Mathematics. This is her first year working in the Human-Computer Interaction lab, and she's excited about applying her computer science skills to benefit the synthetic biology community and finding innovative ways to make interaction with computers more intuitive. When not working in the lab, Sravanti can be found reading, playing piano, or relaxing by Lake Waban.

Sravanti's Notebook

Casey Grote, Wellesley College '14

Casey is a senior, MAS major at Wellesley college. Casey has been with the lab since summer 2011, and is excited about the intersection between hardware and user experience, open source computing and breaking computers. Casey is the official designer for the iGEM team. Casey designed the BAC to the Future, zTree, and team logos as well as the website!

Casey's Notebook

Tiffany Chen, Wellesley College '13

Tiffany majored in Biological Sciences. After three years of biology wet lab research, she is now interested in exploring research in synthetic biology from the computer science side of things. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, reading, writing, playing video games, and occasionally exercising.

Tiffany's Notebook

Cassie Hoef, Wellesley College '15

Cassie is a rising junior studying Computer Science as well as Medieval and Renaissance Studies. This is her first year working in the lab, and is excited about learning about graphics and 3D interfaces. She spent her time developing zTree and organizing the social activities for the team! In addition, Cassie successfully mentored several interns which quickly became assets to the team.

Cassie's Notebook

Catherine Guo, Wellesley College '13

Catherine graduated from Wellesley last semester with a degree in Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences. She is interested in hearing the user's perspective on emerging technologies, and applying their input to make technology more accessible. As a linguist, she is particularly interested in making user interfaces understandable to technophobes. She is an aspiring polyglot and self-proclaimed japanophile.

Catherine's Notebook

Daniel Worstell, Johns Hopkins University '16

Dan is a rising sophomore studying Biomedical Engineering with a minor in music. He is excited to learn more about Human Computer Interaction and developing his computer science skills.

Daniel's Notebook


Neoreet Braha


Artemis Metaxa


Raquel Penha


Yoav Segev



Orit Shaer

Orit Shaer is the Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Wellesley College. She also serves as a co-director of the Media Arts and Sciences program. Her research in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), focuses on developing interaction techniques and software tools for next generation user interfaces.

Consuelo Valdes

Consuelo is working full time at the Wellesley College Human-Computer Interaction Lab as a research fellow. She is currently working on Microsoft Surface applications and iPhone applications. Her favorite Starbucks drinks are soy chai lattes and passion tea :-)

Diana Eastman

Diana is currently a Research Fellow in the HCI lab and a postbaccalaureate student at Wellesley College. She is interested in the design and evaluation of novel user interfaces. Diana graduated from Wellesley in 2008 with a double major in economics and political science and will be focusing on computer science coursework in the fall.