Brainstorming and Research

All 8 undergraduates, as well as advisors Aaron Lewis, Spencer Katz, and Natalie Ma, participated in the formation of the idea for this project, and the research required to design and carry out this project.

Lab Work

Three undergraduates - Timothy Baker, Andrew Crouch, and Joel Sher - performed the lab work over the summer, as well as Kevin Zhou for the first few weeks. Natalie Ma, Adrian Haimovich, Alexis Rovner, Edward Barbieri, Ryan Gallagher, Jaymin Patel, and Miriam Amiram all provided assistance in the form of instruction of numerous new techniques and guidance on how to proceed, with Natalie Ma being our point person. Dr. Farren Isaacs, Dr. Stephen Dellaporta, Aaron Lewis, and Spencer Katz, along with Natalie Ma, provided invaluable feedback and guidance. Dr. Kenneth Nelson trained and assisted us in the use of the FACS machine.


Kevin Zhou, with the help of Adrian Haimovich, carried out all the modeling we needed to know which parts of the E. coli metabolism we needed to target.

Wiki Design

This wiki was co-designed by Edward Kong and Andrew Crouch.

Funding and Resources

Ming Chen handled all of the team's expenses, while Amy Mulholland helped us with our purchases. All of our sponsors, listed below, provided either direct funding or helped through other means, e.g. discounts on products or services, free samples, presentation feedback, etc. Yale West Campus gave us a lab space to work in, and the Isaacs lab gave us access to their materials and strains, most notably the E. coli EcNR2 strain designed for multiplex automated genome engineering.


Dr. Farren Isaacs
Dr. Stephen Dellaporta
Dr. Kenneth Nelson
Natalie Ma
Adrian Haimovich
Alexis Rovner
Edward Barbieri
Ryan Gallagher
Jaymin Patel
Miriam Amiram
Aaron Lewis
Spencer Katz


Amy Mulholland


Yale West Campus
Yale MB&B
Yale Physics
Yale Sackler Institute
New England Biolabs