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About questionnaire

In order to understand the ideas what people think about drinking, we did a significant research in which there were seven questions. Through four ways of researching, we recycled 650 questionnaires and obtained some conclusions as following. Half of people wouldn’t drink frequently. However, more than two thirds of people are not bothered by drinking or alcohol. At the same time two thirds of people don’t believe all kinds of health products which can de-alcoholic or protect the liver. Ninety percent of people want to reduce the harm of drinking to health and they also believe that the biotechnology can metabolize alcohol before it harms the health. Almost eight over ten will take a try if there is a magic drinking with no side effect. In short, from our survey, people will accept the idea of a magic drinking that can reduce the harm of the alcohol.

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Human Practice

On the evening of September 7th, we offered an enjoyable introduction to the freshmen who just entered China Agricultural University (CAU) this semester, about our iGEM.

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Some students brought out their hope and goals that once they joined in such a team they wanted to achieve. And many of them are attracted by the creativity creative by the iGEMers.

The youngest member also shared her ideas about the experiments and the experience in the lab of iGEMers. Unfamiliar as a new one may be with the activities, they can make it with the help from those who are experienced.

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After the introduction, we made a survey on how the students thought of the drink with alcoholic sobering effects, which is the direction we head for. It was just a part of our research for more people to know what we interested in.

After showing the things that we majored in and the goal we chased after, the team appealed to plenty of the students who were thirsty for some more information about the team. With their enthusiasmaroused, some of them showed ambitions that they wanted a try.

This is our monthly E-periodicals that we discuss the scientific issue.

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