Team:Hong Kong HKUST/advisors


Here are our amazing advisors. They are the one who lead us to success!


Trevor is beginning his MPhil program in Bioengineering in HKUST during the summer. After spending three years, he finally discovered what he longed for was not just the wonders of life per se but the power to accurately control it. Thus he shall begin the study through understanding promoters.

Funny random things:
After years of trial and error and literature search and experiment, he still can't figure out why agarose gels are so inconsistent in giving presentable figures.


Christopher, LEE CHAK PUI


Steven is a year 2 MBMS student who plan to apply for graduate school after UST.

Funny random things:
Always having acute memory lost and wondering whether he has added primer, enzyme or DNA during experiment preparation. Luckily, the result usually turns out to be fine.

Bida, GU BI DA

Bida is a second year student majoring in Biology. He has participated in iGEM 2012 and is currently an advisor of iGEM 2013 HKUST. He plan to advance his study in the US after graduation

Funny random things:
I hate 0.8% gel. It's really fragile!

Cosmos, WANG YU QI

Cosmos, um, is an interesting person. You can see from his name. (Com'on, who will pick up a name like this!) He is currently studying biochemistry in HKUST, and in his year 02. It seems that life science is quite his taste, and he never never said that it was boring to memorize a lot of molecules and pathways. Never.

Funny random things:
A quote from a Dashen: "Biochemistry is playing with water." End quote.


Ted participated in his first iGEM competition in 2011 and has returned as an advisor to the HKUST iGEM team for both 2012 and 2013. During his time, he was famous for using 20 agar plates a day to monitor bacterial population dynamics, and his current ambition is to create a synthetic biology trading card game to take over the world.


Ilona is a chemist whose interest has gone astray from chemistry since joining IGEM 2012. After IGEM 2012, she has developed interest in bioengineering, and she has been engaged in computer-aided bioengineering research recently. Being in her final year of undergraduate study, she is hoping to continue her study as a postgraduate student in chemistry.

Funny random things:
I have a love and hate relationship with chili (a fruit, google it!), love because I grew up eating this, hate because it gives me diarrhea.


I am currently a Year 2 student majoring in Biochemistry. I was a amember of HKUST 2012 iGEM team. Joining iGEM when I was a freshman was not easy but I am sure glad that I did because it has given me enriching experiences that I would never get by sitting in lectures. One idea that has been incorporated to me by joining iGEM is that synthetic biology is not something you just see in a blockbuster movie, it is very close by, and with it we can actually do something great to help humanities.

Funny random things:
I love studying genetics but hate how it is so inconsistent with generalization!


Leon, a year 3 ECE student, as the advisor on the construction of wiki site, has helped a lot in magically debugging a lot of stubborn problems in our website.

Funny random things:
The funniest thing about me is that I can get the codes right without actually understanding what they mean!


Sean is a rising 3rd year majoring in biology, and was a member of HKUST's 2012 iGEM team. Following graduation, Sean hopes to pursue further study in conservation biology and earth sciences... or maybe physiology. He is still not too sure!

Diana, QI YI

Diana is a year 1 student majoring in biochemistry currently. She plans to go abroad for further studies after graduation from UST

Funny random things:
Lab work impression: totally physical training, requires a strong body.


Chris is year 3 student studying molecular biomedical sciences. He is the previous iGEM member.

Funny random things:
I love microwave oven. Imagine this is broken in the lab. =p


Wendy is now a year 2 biochemistry student in HKUST. She loves doing different experiments and like using different approaches to solve problems and enjoy the lab work. She plans to continue doing research after graduation.

Funny random things:

Having been participated in iGEM for almost 3 years, I am happy to see the diversity of iGEM projects in HKUST and also each year different lab techniques are involved. I hope in the future HKUST iGEM team can keep better and better.