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SensiGEM is the iGEM Biosensor database generated by the teams Paris Bettencourt 2013 and Calgary 2013. In this database you can find fast and easy what biosensor projects were already done by past iGEM Teams. Up to now, SensiGEM is a searchable database for all biosensors in iGEM, but we hope that many other project categories will follow soon. To be able to select the projects that fit into the database, we composed a joint definition of what is a biosensor according to the Calgary-Paris collaboration, after reading and discussing.

Together with our collaborate the iGEM Team Calgary 2013 we identified all the different biosensors in the registry, added them

into our database and categorized them by years. To adapt the database to needs of the user, we integrated an interface that allows an easy search through the database after different criteria that can be selected. It is possible to search after teams, years, tracks, inputs/outputs, awards and much more. But also a keyword search is integrated.

With this work we hope to help future teams as well as others interested in biosensors to get an overview of what has been done in iGEM so far. It might also be a helo for future iGEM teams to select a new biosensor project. Have a look how to use SensiGEM!

Please shut off your ad-blocker utility should SensiGEM not appear. You may also wish to see a graphical explanation of the database below.

Step 1

One reaching, you will see a list of all biosensor projects which have been entered in the iGEM competition since 2007. You may scroll through this list, or filter the projects by clicking the "filter projects" button at the to of the page.

Step 2

The "filter projects" dialogue will open a window, allowing you to search and sort the database by multiple parameters. These include team name, year, and project category, as well as the ability to search by the input the sensor responds to and the output that it gives as a response.

Step 3

Sorting will return a list of projects which match the category you are interested in. Each project provides the information pertaining to the team which developed it, the project abstract, as well as information about the track, uses, applications, and inputs/outputs of the sensor. A link to the project wiki also is provided if further details are desired.

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