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BioBrick: BBa_E0040Automatically determined parameters using the BioBrick-AutoAnnotator version 1.0
RFC standard:RFC 10 BioBrick, nothing was addedORF from 1 to 714 (excluding stop-codon)
Nucleotide sequence: (underlined part encodes the protein, italic parts were added)
Amino acid sequence:
Amino acid composition:
A (Ala)9 (3.8%)C (Cys)2 (0.8%)H (His)10 (4.2%)M (Met)6 (2.5%)T (Thr)15 (6.3%)
R (Arg)7 (2.9%)Q (Gln)8 (3.4%)I (Ile)12 (5.0%)F (Phe)13 (5.5%)W (Trp)1 (0.4%)
N (Asn)13 (5.5%)E (Glu)16 (6.7%)L (Leu)19 (8.0%)P (Pro)10 (4.2%)Y (Tyr)11 (4.6%)
D (Asp)18 (7.6%)G (Gly)23 (9.7%)K (Lys)20 (8.4%)S (Ser)8 (3.4%)V (Val)17 (7.1%)
Amino acid counting:Total number of amino acids (aa):238Positively charged aa (Arg + Lys):27Negatively charged aa (Asp + Glu):34
Biochemical parameters:Molecular weight [Da]:26909.4Theoretical pI:5.8Extinction coefficient at 280 nm [M-1 cm-1]:22015 (all Cys as cystine)
21890 (all Cys reduced)
Estimated half-life [h]:E. coli:>10S. cervisiae:>20Mammals:30
Codon usage (CAI):E. coli:0.72S. cervisiae:0.75Mammals:0.68
The BioBrick-AutoAnnotator was created by TU-Munich 2013 iGEM team. For information please read the description.