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The team

We are a team of seven Bachelor and Master students with some pretty cool advisors from the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering at ETH. If you're around Basel, be sure to visit our team's lab to play some really fun Colisweeper!

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Bachelor students

Fabian iGEM.jpg

Fabian "Fab-Lab" Wolter

Biotechnology Student

S like superman ? Too mainstream !It's S like sweeping !!
I'm sweeping out all the scary mines and save the Coli's on the game board. In my free time I chill out waiting for an emergency call of the lab in case some mines would escape..
By the way when i'm not saving the labs from E.coli mines, I work in it with pretty cool people and code some stuff on the WIKI.


Matthias "Mad-lab" Niederberger

Biotechnology Student

In the lab I do all your everyday tasks from pouring agar plates to miniprepping. My main responsibilities are primer design and promoter mutation.
I also do some work on the wiki and documentation of our parts in the registry.

Master students


Parvathi Chandran (Paro)

B.Tech. Biotechnology


Meret Arter

B.Sc. Biotechnology

Susie igem.jpg

Susana "Swiperlii" Posada Cespedes

B.Sc. Biological Engineering

For my first TBE buffer, instead of boric acid I added agarose (previous wet lab work). May be the reason why I decide to work on the mathematical model ;).

Angela igem.jpg

Angela Aeschbach

B.Sc. Biology


Ola Kalinowska

B.Sc. Biomedical Engineering