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Thank You

We would like to extend a very special thank you to all the people and organizations that have generously shared their time, support, and knowledge with our group over the course of this last year. Without your help we would not have been able to achieve rising levels of success that we have seen to this point. As we set out on our journey towards developing our business, the Synbiologica group has seen nothing but a willingness to help and educate. Whether it has been within the university, out in the local community of Lethbridge, across the province and even beyond we have been presented with willing support and advice where ever it was needed. The people and groups below have provided us with advice, guidance, and feedback, training and skills development, In-kind gifts and services, and financial support.


We would like to acknowledge the following people and groups for their close involvement and support towards our project.

Thank you to Alberta Innovates Technology Futures (AITF)– geekStarter Program, with special thanks to Jennifer Hill and Sarah Lee, for financial support towards our project development and participation in the iGEM program and for planning and organizing all of our geekStarter workshops.

Thank you to The University of Lethbridge and the University Liaison and Technology Transfer Office, with special thanks to Morgan Guo, for their ongoing support in providing us with laboratory space, prior art and patent ability assessments, and allowing us to maintain full rights to our patents. Additionally, these offices helped organize the South Venture Business Plan Competition, in conjunction with the department of Management and support from Steve Craig.

Thank you to Dr. Gerlinde Metz for providing the financial support for a summer student.

Thank you to Mr. Bill Halley from the Regional Innovation Network of Southern Alberta (RINSA) for his ongoing support and advice.

Thank you to everyone at Community Futures Lethbridge with special thanks to Geoff Rougeau for organizing and running the Chinook Entrepreneur Challenge.

Thank you to Renea Barlow at Tecconnect for providing us with valuable resources and business advice.

Thank you to K. Gregory Senda at Peterson and Purvis LLP for helping us with our company incorporation and providing ongoing legal counsel.

Thank you to Dan Polonenko at Gowlings for providing us with patent counseling and document review.

Thank you to Cal Koskowich for helping us understand the Industry Research Assistance Program.

Thank you to Dana Woodward from Three Legged Dog for designing our logo, brochure, powerpoint slides and business cards.

Thank you to Ted and Dorothy Coatham for helping us set up our financial statements.

Thank you to Dr. Ute Kothe and Steve Craig for their encouragement and support of our group.

To our advisors

The Lethbridge Entrepreneurial iGEM Team and Synbiologica Group, would like to acknowledge the support of our advisors for their enthusiasm, guidance and response to late night emails for advice and review of material. Without your encouragement and support towards our project from the beginning none of our success would have been possible.

Special Thanks

To Yoyo Yao who was able to brave the first snowstorm of the year to help us in the time leading up to the big freeze.


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