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Cholera - Enzyme Notebook July - August

Cholera Enzyme

July 1 - July 14

We continued to have issues with washing our biofilm during the biofilm assay without losing significant portions of the biofilm. We tried several different methods and found that the most consistent way to treat the biofilm during the assay is to pellet and resuspend the biofilm with each wash, allowing us to wash our sample without losing the biofilm itself.

Daily log

July 15 - July 31

We focused these two weeks on preparing our DspB and Savinase enzymes for protein purification so we could test them in our Biofilm Assay. We ran PCRs, restriction digests, ligations, and transformations on them.

Daily log

August 1 - August 14

We checked the transformation products from our earlier work with colony PCR, but the transformations were unsuccessful. We worked this period on trying to get our ligations and transformations to work.

Daily log

August 15 - August 31

We continued working on getting DspB and Savinase ready for protein purification. We were having so many problems with Savinase that we went back and prepared new template DNA from Bacillus subtilis to use for our Savinase enzyme.

Daily log