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Cholera - Enzyme Notebook September-October

Cholera Enzyme

September 1 - September 14

We successfully prepared the DspB and AmyA plasmids to submit to the iGem registry and those to be used in our protein purification. We then were able to purify DspB and AmyA to use in our biofilm assay.

Daily log

Protein GelAMYA927.jpg
September 15 - September 30

We focused on running our biofilm assay and getting data on the degradative enzymatic activity of the DspB and AmyA proteins we have purified.

Daily log

October 1 - October 14

We went to the North American iGem Jamboree and did well enough to make it to the World Championships in November. We got back to the lab extremely excited and motivated. We worked on finalizing our DspB plasmid to get it ready to over express and purify in E. coli.

Daily log

Protein GelAMYA927.jpg
October 15 - October 31

We finished purifying DspB and AmyA, ran Biofilm Assays to determine the effect of these enzymes on the biofilm of V. cholerae, and planned future assays and experiments to continue this area of research.

Daily log

Protein GelAMYA927.jpg