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  • Won the trophy for Best Model at the iGEM North America Jamboree in Toronto
  • Advanced to the iGEM final Jamboree at MIT with gold medal status
  • Produced a functional cinnamaldehyde biosynthetic pathway in E. coli starting from phenyalanine
  • Produced a functional vanillin biosynthetic pathway in E. coli starting from p-coumaric acid
  • Biobricked Cas9 from Streptococcus thermophilus, showed expression and began to characterize it's activity E. coli

Medal requirements

  • Improved 3 existing caffeine biosynthesis biobricks ( BBa_K1129013 , BBa_K1129015, BBa_K1129017) from TU Munich 2012 by replacing a yeast consensus sequence with a bacterial ribosome-binding site for prokaryotic engineering
  • Characterized previous iGEM parts (from TU Munich 2012, KU Leuven 2009, Edinburgh 2007) in vanillin, cinnamaldehyde and caffeine biosynthesis pathways and were able to show functional data for substrate conversion. We are the only team to show data for vanillin and cinnamaldehyde production in E. coli!
  • Currently exploring the consequences of off-target activity in the CRISPR system. We are in the process of developing a resource (SPACE-R) to assess the safety and specificity of individual spacer sequences.
  • Developed comprehensive models that (1) predict growth of CRISPR-expressing E. coli cultures under phage predation, visualized using ‘Gro simulation’ (2) compute the cinnamaldehyde production following population tuning with various initial starting number of viruses

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