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Our Journey Through iGEM

First, we asked the iGEM community to share to document their experience through Vine:

Dear fellow iGEMers,

As some of you may already know, Vine is a new app that takes 6 second videos and has recently become very popular worldwide. You take a vine video from your phone and upload it directly to a twitter account (such as VINEiGEM2013). They get REALLY creative!

Seeing as there are roughly 200 teams competing in iGEM this year, we figured it would be an awesome idea to try to compile all the projects and biobricks in as little time as possible. We want to challenge you to describe your project and biobricks in 6 seconds using as many creative tricks, backgrounds and costumes as possible. You only have 6 seconds, so MAKE IT COUNT!!!! We believe this will help iGEM teams to get a glimpse of what is happening around the world and compile a quick way to look through the available parts.

Here are the steps to uploading your vines:

Download Vine app on your smartphone (it is free) Follow the introduction steps to create your video(s) When finished, publish it to the twitter account:

username: VINEiGEM2013

password: iGEM2013


Take a look at our journey:

We first tried to see if we could get Vine to work by following Anna around. Our logic, if the video made sense with Anna acting in it, we had mastered the start-stop feature.

When we got a little better we decided to try and mimic a weird add that we saw outside of the bar. Telus, if you read this, we did not do this because we liked your add. People don’t start pyramiding when the get free money…

Having thought about the add more, and decided that society is intolerant, we headed back to the bar.

However, sometimes the effects of the bar lasted into our meetings. This was a major problem with Dan.

Fortunately, the effects didn’t last into our lab work, as we just got robots to do it all.

And while the robots were working, we decided to scare Fisal with dry ice bombs.

And back to the bar….

Once the robots were done doing all our work, we headed out on the road for our first iGEM event. This is what happens to iGEM students after 15 hours together in confined spaces.

Therefore, we try and keep them alive by escalating their heart rate.

Ok, so it seems like all we do is mess around, but truth is, work gets done. More accurately, Joe does work.

With a little help from Liz and Grace.

We keep Negin out of the lab…

And Anna usually just focuses on explaining things.

That is, when she isn’t making weird dinosaur noises. I realize this is a bit of a theme with our team…

At the end of the day though, we did a good job and deserve a reward.

Alternately, we just pet each other…

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