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Biological Parts Submitted


Figure 2.1.1. Our Library of Gene Constructs

From our library of gene constructs shown above, we have selected twelve parts to submit to the Registry of Standard Biological Parts. The twelve that were submitted are tabulated below, and are also labelled on the diagram above. These parts all contain a TEF1 promoter, YFP gene downstream, and a variable number of repressor binding sites (x1, x3) in the 5' UTR region. There are six difference repressor binding site sequences--three that are 16 nucleotides long, and three that are 20 nucleotides long--which can be targeted with our library of repressor constructs (TALEs and sgRNA-dCas9) shown in the diagram. These repressor constructs were not submitted. Summary of the six different binding site sequences and where they are found in our gene constructs are also tabulated at the bottom of this page in Table 2.1.2. Click on the links below to see the documentation on the Registry.

Data For Our "Best New BioBrick Part (Engineered)"

  • Main Page - Reporter with 3x16C Repressor Binding Sequence, BBa_K1204021 : TEF1pr-BS3x-16C

Data For Our "Most Improved Registry Part"

  • Main Page - Reporter with 1x16A Repressor Binding Sequence, BBa_K1204013 : TEF1pr-BS1x-16A

Data For Our "Best Part Collection"

  • Main Page - A collection of reporters with different types/number of repressor binding sequences
    • BBa_K1204013 ~ BBa_K1204024

<groupparts>iGEM013 Duke</groupparts>

Table 2.1.1. Biological Parts Submitted by Team Duke, iGEM 2013
(Disregard the last row entry)


Table 2.1.2. Our Library of Gene Constructs