Iron coli project


The team

Our team is composed of students from L3 (3rd year after baccalaureate) to M2 (5th year after baccalaureate) from various scientific backgrounds: biology, pharmacy, computer science, ethics...
We worked from mid-june to mid-october, some full time, some part time.

Lab work

Lab work (cloning and Tecan analysis) was done by the team in Institute of Systems & Synthetic Biology, Evry. Our supervisors Andrew Tolonen and Nicolas Pollet gave us advice on cloning strategy and results analysis throughout the project.


Plasmids were provided by our advisor Cyrille Pauthenier and his former trainee Quentin Viautour.


Microfluidic chip design and mould were made by Boris Kirov, former member of the iSSB.
Microfluidic experiments were made under the supervision of Shensi Shen, actual member of the iSSB.

Homologous recombination protocol

Homologous recombination protocol for ΔFur strain was provided by Hafez El-Sayyed, former member of the iSSB.

Scientific seminar

The scientific conference and the survey were organised by member of the team with the help of Julien Picot and Veronique le Boulch (members of the Genopole).


The survey redaction and analysis were done by the member of the team. Patients associations help us to spread our survey to the patients.


We make the style and content of the wiki by ourselves. The few images that do not belong to us are clearly attribuated.


The team did most of the fundraising work: creating a sponsoring file, contacting potential sponsors and presenting the project. We managed the money ourselves, through Genopole and through a "1901 French law" association.
Genopole supported our project, paying inscription and Regional Jamboree participation fees, as well as donating 10000 euros towards the project. Evry university contributed 6000 euros, Agglomération d'Evry 3000 euros, ENSIIE 1500 euros, SupBiotech 1500 euros, the French embassy in the United States donated 1500 euros and CNS gave 88 euros. Our other sponsors helped us by providing us with machine (Genoscope),discounts or free samples (Corning, Macherey-Nagel, Duran Group, Geneious, Sigma-Aldrich).

The Institute of Systems and Synthetic Biology (iSSB)

logo issb iSSB is located on the Genopole® in Evry, host team in the summer. The iSSB is a laboratory at the University of Evry and CNRS, supported by Genopole®. It is a multidisciplinary environment where collaborate physicists, chemists, computer scientists and biologists. It is also the laboratory who founded and directs the Master 2 Systems Biology Synthetic and MSSB. This master of avant-garde, unique in France, offers courses provided by researchers at the forefront of their field, which guaranteed training in the state of the art techniques used in synthetic biology.