Team:Evry/data analysis


Iron coli project

Analysis of plate reader Data


As the team was confronted to huge amount of data to analyze, we decided to create a software to help us in this taks. This software is called sana for Serie ANAlysis and is freely available on here on github.

Technical Description

The software is written in Python2.x(with a possible compatility with Python3 in the future). It uses the numpy and matplotlib libraries to respectively handle the series and display them.


Basically, sana reads a csv file and a configuration file as inputs :

  • The CSV file contain the DATA to treat
  • The configuration file contains how to interpret the data and what to do with them

The software does not do more than a classical spreadsheet program like Excel or OpenOffice Calc (but it allows for 3 dimensional graphs). But it does it in an automated way. We found that the time needed to configure it was far lower than the time needed to treat the data by hand on Excel.

The configuration file allows for multiple tasks :

  • Name and locate data series in the CSV file;
  • Create "views" (in the way of databases) to manipulate series more easily (intersection of column and row of a plate reader experiment for example
  • Perform computations on these series : mean, addition, substraction, division (with the corresponding variances automaticaly computed).
  • Output eith plots 2D or 3D or the data in a CSV format

And More...

If you are interested in the project you can checkout its github page and send comments.