Sharing of our BioBricks

As we got our first gene regulation results of our devices, we realized that we can share something great! We wanted not only to provide the corresponding BioBricks of our uniCAS toolkit but also share our knowledge of how to use them. We thought a static manual would not meet the entire spectrum of possibilities that our toolkit is offering. Therefore we designed a clickable, variable online tool that generates a customized manual for your needs of gene regulation. You can choose between activation, repression and histone modification (for repression) and even get those effectors as a light-induced edition. Our tool will generate the plasmid numbers and you only have to order them from the registry. With our toolkit it is possible to target any DNA sequence. To do so you may use our crRNA design tool and simply enter the favored target DNA sequence. It will generate several possible crRNAs and the matching oligo-sequences for ordering automatically. Your personal manual will include the following:

  • DNA sequences for your personalized crRNA (order those oligos)
  • Plasmid numbers (order them from the registry)
  • Cloning instruction for implementing the crRNA oligos into our supplied plasmid RNAimer
  • Experimental instruction with procedure and control suggestions

Do you know what time it is? Yeah, it's tooltime!