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Meeting with HUST and WHU

Our group photos in HUST

May 7,2013


After our iGEM teams set up, the first stop we went was the Huazhong University Of Science And Technology (HUST). This year is the third time that the HUST took part in the iGEM competition. So we paid a visit to HUST on Tuseday. Unfortunately, this year's HUST iGEMers had classes to take and didn't show up. But we still learnt a lot from their ex-leaders. The secretary of each college talked about how to make a logistical support for the competition. And we also raised many questions to the two previous leaders and got much useful experiences. Thanks to the HUST’s suggestion, after this communication, we realized that the members of a iGEM team must be diversity. So we immediately considered to absorb much more students from different college and grade.

The leader of WHU iGEM descripted their project for us.

June 1,2013


Today is Children’s Day. We had a happy Children’s Day with WHU iGEM team and HUST iGEM team. Three teams gathered in Wuhan University and held the G3 meeting (we named it just for a joke) in Hubei province. In the meeting, each leaders of the school introduced their projects and group to all iGEMers in turns. After the official meeting, we had a chat with each other in the path. Then we enjoyed the food in Wuhan University and had the further discussion about the extremely hot weather in Wuhan and air condition in university.

We were chatting with each other freely in the path.