Acknowledgements & Sponsors

We thank National Natural Science Foundation of China for undertaking the fund. We are grateful to College of Life Science & Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University for rear service and professor Hongyu Zhang, Associate professor Binguang Ma of Center for Bioinformatics, Huazhong Agricultural University for being our instructor and center for teaching of Biology experiment, Huazhong Agricultural University for providing laboratory whole summer.

For the material of our project, we thank professor Ziduo Liu for providing the antimicrobial peptide and professor Shouwen Chen for providing the PHY300 plasmid vector of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus subtilis168WB800 and professor JianPeng for providing the PMA5 plasmid vector of Bacillus subtilis and Associate professor MinCui for providing the glycoprotein of rabies ERA.

For the design of our project, we are grateful to professor Ling Zhao, Gaofu Qi, Donghai Peng and doctor Weihui Li, Shoukai Kang, Yun Deng and master Dongbo Cai.

For breeding system of flea, we are grateful to some staff of Academy of Military Medicine for they provide us some information of breeding fleas.

For Human Practice, we thank college of animal science & Technology, college of Veterinary Medicine, Huazhong Agricultural University for contacting Wuhan Keqian Animal Biological Products Co.,Ltd. Meanwhile we thank Association of Sci-technology for College Students for doing the publication of synthetic biology.

For safety question, we thank for professor Hao Chen for telling us the ways of the safe risk assessment of genetically modified rice.

This is the first time our team attend iGEM competition, we are grateful to WHU-China iGEM team and HUST-China team. They provided us much experience and advice of iGEM. Meanwhile we are grateful to master Yang Liu who is the previous leader of OUC-China iGEM.