Ma Binguang

Bin-Guang Ma got his MSc in Biophysics from Tianjin University and PhD in Chemical Biology from Suzhou University, China. Dr. Ma has worked in the University of Bergen (Norway) as a postdoctoral researcher and now is an Associate Professor of Bioinformatics in the College of Life Science & Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China. Prof. Ma has research interests in the field of Biophysics, Systems and Synthetic Biology. Prof. Ma is of research experiences in protein folding and computational proteomics and his current projects focus on biomolecular interactions, gene expression and regulations, as well as computational modeling in Systems Biology. Prof. Ma has published dozens of papers in recent years and is reviewer for many international journals. Meanwhile, Prof. Ma has teaching duties for Bioinformatics, Systems Biology and Evolutionary Biology to undergraduates, graduates and foreign students.

Zhang Hongyu

Prof. Hong-Yu Zhang received his B.Sc. in biochemistry from Shandong University in 1992. He completed his Ph.D. in biophysics at the Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1997. He then moved to Shandong Normal University as a Lecturer and later a Professor in 1998. He is currently Professor of Bioinformatics and director of Center for Bioinformatics in Huazhong Agricultural University. Prof. Zhang received Servier Young Investigator Prize from Chinese Pharmacological Society in 1999, Young Investigator Prize in Chemistry from Chinese Chemical Society in 2005 and Prize for Natural Science Research in 2011 from Ministry of Education, China. His current research focuses on computational biology, evolutionary and synthetic biology.