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Fun Facts


Life is not only a series of erudite experiences and deep reflections, life is made ​​up of little moments of escape, laughter and tears, finally, life is made ​​up of little moments of life...

Wanted cookies

An insoluble mystery has scared (and continues to do so!!) the iGEM team. Cookies have disappeard, yet nobody have been touching them. Although many signs were posted along the iGEM room to find them (and let them come back on their own...) none were recovered and the (potential) thief has gone unpunished.

Homemade stuff

To overcome our regular lack of racks and to practise our engineering skills, we produced wood racks and a laboratory Pan Flute to make sure iGEMers could work with a slight and delicate soothing music from the Gods...

International level croquet team

In order to level up the international level of iGEM Toulouse team, we created a croquet team. And because we are the only croquet team in France, we also are the best french croquet team. YES WE CAN!!

Special birthday gift

You have dreamed of it from your birthday till now. You've never dare imagine or even think somebody could do it. Yet, here it is. The petri dish with "Happy Birthday" delicately written with the BBa_K081014 RFP expressed in E. coli.

Longest PCR ever

We did not think that during our work, somebody could invest himself to this point in his work, somebody that could put as much fervor and passion in his task than the rest of the reunited team!! Enough to stick to the thermal cycler all night long despite the fatigue and exhaustion. PCR, PCR, when you hold us.

Risky Business

With that many hours spent in the laboratory, it was difficult (and merely forbidden) to go on holiday. Fortunately, there is a method to get some tanned skin like you could get after an entire week passed in Seychelle Island. This is called "gel extraction." You can enjoy a sweet moment under the UV lamp to polish up your tan and be at the top level for jamborees.

Blood of science: the coffee

In this epic science adventure we used 14 packs of coffee. This represents 3.5 kg of coffee or 60 liters of drink. This corresponds to an equivalent of 75 grams of pure caffeine.
75 grams is enough to kill by poisoning 7 people, 780 rats, 4 adult pandas, 3788 baby pandas but 0 cat. In fact, cats are naturally caffeino-resistant. We managed to drink it over a long period of time to avoid killing half of the team...

Local art

After many collaborations with major biotechnology companies, we have received numerous packages containing flakes of starch. In addition to scientist's brain, we are also equipped with an artist's heart. And this little heart that beats in our chest could not resist the call of art, leading to magnificent works. Examples follow....

Sadomasochistic culture tubes

Because the culture tubes also feel alone, some do not hesitate to celebrate, and sometimes in a hardcore way. Disguised evenings do not scare them and we observed a tendency of some tubes to only dress with black latex clothes.