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Biotransfert Day

Organized by students of INSA Toulouse every year, Biotransfert day is a full-day of conferences about biology. This year theme was Synthetic Biology and we got famous stakeholders like Philippe Marlière, one of the leader in synthetic Biology in France, or Thierry Magnin, director of the Catholic Institute of Lyon. We had also the great honor to brielfly introduce our project at the end of the day.

COS Presentation (TWB)

Organized by Mr MONSAN on february, 15th, the aim of this presentation was to invite for TWB all their scientific partners and investors in order to show them the perspective of this new company. It was for our iGEM team a great opportunity to present our project in the goal of finding new financial supports for the iGEM competition.

LISBP presentation

First of our presentations, we explain our project to all of our teachers and people who works at the INSA Toulouse. It was kind of “big test” for us, the occasion to receive an external point of view concerning the project. Some essential issues had been raise and we also received good advice. At the end, everybody seemed to like the show, it gladly enhance our motivation !

Videoconferencing with Michigan iGEM Team

We asked Michigan team for a recombinase Biobrick wich were not present in the iGEM delivery kit, and we took the opportunity to organize a videoconference. Thanks a lot to Mike Fergusson and all his collegues for helping us, and for explaining their great iGEM project to us!
See you in Boston ;-)

IBCG Toulouse (CNRS)

After we took contact with some CNRS researchers about tips for a better understanding of recombinases, we were invited to present our system to the IBCG (laboratory of microbiology and molecular biology of Toulouse).
Thanks a lot to those people who helped us to improve our system!

Presentation to Matthew Chang from Singapore University (NTU)

Matthew Chang has been an iGEM advisor for a few years at NTU. He came to our university to make a conference about his work on synthetic biology. We took advantage of his visit to present him our project, he also gave us some good advices. Thanks a lot Matthew!

LISBP information meeting

At the summer end, we organized an other meeting with the LISBP laboratory. We summarized our results and gave them an overview of our work. Their observations and encouragement were greatly appreciated!