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iGEM Buddies

University of Michigan, USA

The Recombinase Team ! When we decided to use recombinase systems at the beginning of our project, we found that an iGEM team in the US (Michigan University) had worked last year on FimE, a specific recombination system. We established contact with them in order to get some relevant information about the recombinases and understand better how they worked. After several mail exchanges we planned a videoconference between our teams to discuss about our project and the different biobricks that could have been interesting for us or them. We received their improved fimE system from last year with the IRR and IRL sequences. In counterpart we send them our riboregulation system, but unfortunately it was too late for us to use it in their system.

University of East Anglia, United Kingdom

In order to help the iGEM Norwich team (to make a new biosensor that can detect new antibiotics), we collected soil samples from the famous "Canal du Midi". We hope that it served them in their great project!

Also thank you to all the other teams who helped us:

iGEM Paris Bettencourt, Paris Descartes University, France

iGEM Xinjiang, Medical University, China

iGEM UNIPV-Pavia, University of Pavia, Italy

iGEM Tokyo Tech, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

iGEM Wageningen UR, Wageningen University, Netherlands

iGEM Cambridge, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

iGEM EPF-Lausanne, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland