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The team should like to thank everyone involved with the project this year, from Academic supervisors, to other iGEM teams' beautiful, well-coded wikis, to our sponsors and our friends. We should like to give an extra special thankyou to the lab technicians, and of course the Professors and Doctors that arranged time for us in their labs.

Academic Support

The team is very appreciative of input from every academic that has come by to our weekly presentations. It is invaluable for us to be able to practice presenting, discuss our ideas and direct the project based upon the cumulative experience of so many great minds. Special mentions go to:

  • Our supervisor, Dr. Luke Bawazer for suggesting use of the Si4 sequence, for strategic guidance, and for assistance with experimental planning.
  • Our other supervisor, Prof. Mike McPherson for securing our entry fee and funding, use of his labs, and valuable scientific insight and encouragement.
  • Dr. Sarah Deacon's input on preps, explaining why for things we didn't initially understand and helping us to form our ideas into a more cohesive strategy.
  • James Ross for assisting us with primer designs and providing valuable insights into a variety of assembly strategies.
  • Prof. Bruce Turnbull for providing us after-hour lab space at times and cheering us on at Cafe Scientifique.
  • Prof. Fiona Meldrum for supporting our SEM characterization and providing us with various research supplies.
  • Prof. Steve Evans for arranging AFM time and support in the Physics Labs.

Technical Support

The team is extremely thankful for everyone that has been helping us in the labs, the office and with the project in general. We would also like to explicitly acknowledge the work done by the following folks:

Lab Work

  • Chris Jones and Janet Tingle for setting up our lab space and providing critical day-to-day support in the lab when we wandered about with questions.
  • George Heath, for his expertise and help in running Fluoro-AFM experiments

Computer Code/Programs

  • Team Penn 2012's javascript code for a dynamic log book
  • Team Caltech 2008 for basic HTML header codes (long since heavily adapted)
  • Geneious for the free primer design and analysis software!
  • Team Duke's css header to realign the wiki, and sidebar background code
  • Dynamic Drive's exhaustive list of free js and jquery elements to build the dynamic parts of the wiki
  • Team Newcastle for the crash course in BioNetGen at YSB1.0 and all the software needed on a handy USB.
  • Team Imperial for the wiki-work-arounds!


  • Bioline - supplied us with discounted buffer solutions, polymerases etc for the lab
  • Qiagen - supplied us with many free kits for the lab
  • Geneious - 6 months free license for their DNA software
  • Bangs Labs - supplied us with multiple sizes of micro-beads for use in characterisation studies, gratis

Moral Support

All of this has only been possible with the emotional support from our friends and family, giving us the drive to get up and get on. We would additionally like to thank:

  • Bioline for keeping our spirits up over twitter while coding the wiki, and popping to visit every so often and even advise on some of the lab work!
  • iGEM Valencia for being our daily twitter buddies
  • All of our significant others, for putting up with us when we were stressed, tired or slumped in a chair at the end of the day!

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Geneious, our fine sponsors and suppliers of software Bioline, our fine sponsors and suppliers of equipment Qiagen, our fine sponsors and suppliers of PCR kits
Bangs Laboratories, our fine sponsors and suppliers of silica beads
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