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==Parts Summary==
  • Silica Binding Peptide (Si4): A short amino acid sequence that binds silica with high affinity.
  • Bio-system 1: CpxR promoter controlling GFP expression. Will produce the green fluorescent protein following exposure to hydrophobic membrane stress. Extensive experimental data has been acquired about the response of the cpxR promoter to various forms of physical and chemical stresses, this can be found in the Device 1 section of the Lab Results page.
  • Bio-system 2: INP.Si4 is produced constitutively with GFP production under control of CpxR promoter. The system is designed to bind with high affinity to silica macro-structures and produce a fluorescent response when it does. Flow cytometry, fluorescence confocal, and scanning electron microscopy data has been gathered to characterize this part. Problems with expression meant that the data is not as conclusive as predicted but indicates that Si4 is expressed in some cells.


A full listing of all parts Leeds iGEM 2013 have submitted to the Registry, and their status.
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