Team:Linkoping Sweden/Attributions


Initiative takers

We would like to thank three persons for their initiative of starting the SynBio/iGEM course at LiU.

Profile Robert Forchheimer.jpg

Robert Forchheimer: Professor at ISY and examiner of the SynBio course.

Profile Asa Wallin.jpg

Åsa Wallin: Employee at InnovationskontorEtt

Profile davidj linkoping.png David Jullesson: Graduate student at LiU.

Special Thanks

First of all, we want to send a very special thanks to all our sponsors that contribute in one or another way in our project! Read more about them at our sponsor page.

In addition to our sponsors, CLC Bio has granted us the right to use their software "CLC Main Workbench" for free during the summer, though they do not want to be an official sponsor to our project. Read about them at clcbio.

Materials and Expertise

For having made our project possible by helping with funding, finding sponsors, agreed to let the project be a part of Linköping University and for standing behind the project, we want to express our thanks to

Helena Herbertsson, Universitetslektor (assistant professor), Linköpings universitet.


Annalena Kindgren, Deputy Permanent Secretary and Education Leader, Technical Faculty Office, Tekniska högskolan vid Linköpings universitet.

For providing a laboratory, lab materials, aiming the team in different matters concerning the equipment, machines and materials at the laboratory, we thank Lars-Göran (Lasse) Mårtensson, Assoc. Professor, The Biochemistry Group, IFM - Chemistry, Linköping University.

For help with lab protocols and other small necessities and for assigning our team some E. coli we thank Cecilia Andrésen, Division of Molecular Biotechnology; Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology at Linköping University.

For assistance in the modeling and for introducing the group to the software "System Modeler" we thank Robert Palmér, Applications Engineer at Wolfram MathCore AB.

David Beuger, CAx expert at IEI Maskinkonstruktion at Linköping University, for help with the 3D printing and design of our detection box.

Raul Ivan Campos Melo, PhD student at IFM, Linköping University for tutoring the team.

For introducing how to use some machines at the laboratory we thank Madhan, at IFM, Linköping University.