Team:Linkoping Sweden/Parts


Submitted Parts

Biobrick HEWL-Antigen-RFP BBa_K1083000
Biobrick HEWL-Antibody-Luciferase BBa_K1083001
Biobrick HEWL-Antigen BBa_K1083002
Biobrick HEWL-Antibody BBa_K1083003


PSB1C3 Antibody Luciferase small.png

The plasmid containing the Antibody and Luciferase complex.

PSB1C3 Antigen RFP small.png

The plasmid containing the Antigen and RFP complex.

Gel electrophoresis of the PCR fragments (primer VR and VF2) from Biobricks Bba_K1083000, Bba_K1083001, Bba_K1083002 & Bba_K1083003

Alla biobricks.png