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We cooperated with NTU_Taida iGEM team this year and helped them to characterize their parts (C-4 AHL Biosensers ACE:K1157020 & CEA:K1157021) and also analyzed the data. We tested the function of Kii57020 by testing its GFP fluorescence expression. We used ELISA plate reader to read the fluorescence of the constructs under different concentrations of C-4 AHLs. The biosensors are transformed into competent cell E. Coli DH5α cultured overnight and then diluted until OD value=0.1. Then we read fluorescence expression from 0 to 4 hours.

BBa_K1157020 BBa_K1157021
NYMU Pc Rhl GFP.jpg
NYMU Rhl positive feedback circuit.jpg

The results show that as AHL concentration increase, the expression of the downstream gene increase, which indicate that their parts work as expected.

There is the link to NTU-Taida collaboration page: